субота, 29. септембар 2007.

stupid mistake - 01:25 33°52'8"S 151°11'8"E

Need to be myself now and to feel what l really am. In my relations with others, l will project much more emotionally than usual, and if some people do not like this side of me it may be necessary to reconsider my friendship with them. In love relationships, l will experience greater emotional depth than usual, and consequently my experience with a lover will be much more intense. The only danger to watch out for here is that l may be too possessive of the other person. Also l may be so wrapped up in my own feelings that l am unaware of the other's feelings. Relations with women in general are 'improved' by this influence. Regardless, my experiences with them will very likely show me a 'great deal' about myself in a 'positive' way.

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