субота, 20. октобар 2007.

Personal advancement - Лични напретци

This is a time of confidence and benevolence. l'm secure in my knowledge of myself and in the direction my life is taking. Even so, l'm willing to learn more, and l'll have many opportunities to do so. My career and home life should be going quite smoothly at this time, and l may receive opportunities for personal advancement. This influence sometimes indicates an important position of leadership. Certainly my relationship with the people in power over l should be good, which will be important in my quest for personal advancement.

My present attitude of confidence and security is not likely to degenerate into selfish pride or arrogance, unless this is part of my basic character.l'm much more likely to appreciate this chance to grow in wisdom and maturity. This is a good time to pursue an education if l desire, because l'm open to new ideas and will be receptive to my studies. Law, philosophy and medicine are particularly appropriate subjects to the symbolism of this influence, but l'm not limited to these.

This is also a good time to get in touch with my inner feelings. l'm much more willing than usual to face the inner hidden aspects of myself that l have been afraid to face in the past. Now l see a confrontation with my inner self as another opportunity to learn, and in truth it is. Also l'll be able to understand how my past has affected the present, and l'll learn to gain control over parts of myself that used to control me. This increase in self-knowledge may be accompanied by or may come to me through an increased 'religious' or spiritual self-awareness.

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