субота, 24. новембар 2007.

east coast BLUEz

contra version'al view

there goes Friday shift start,
rank and a job like any normal day
on the lights position number two
waiting to cross the road action number two.

Lady in front slow on a start,
somehow braking some cops hart
Me behind her with the meter on,
trying to get thru and get by away

Lady passed the LINE and should of gone true
instead she starts reversing without looking back
I press the horn to get her warn that I'm standing,
behind close to get bumped into.

But the copELINA took it wrong, comes to my car,
and starts lashing, WHERE IS YOUR SEAT BELT!?!
and starts again, DO YA KNOW IF SHE CRASHED
I'D BE AT FAULT, there I start to state my case,
helping the lady standing in front...

odo na glasanje, ostatak LATEnije

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