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A "loogie" is a slang expression used in North America to refer to a mass of sputum that is ejected from the mouth after being expelled from the throat of a person with nasal congestion. The expression "hocking a loogie" refers to expelling the phlegm in an obviously noisy manner involving violent vibrations of the uvula, producing a low, guttural, rumbling sound. "Hock" (alternate spelling "hawk") is derived from the archaic word "hough," pronounced the same way, meaning to clear one's throat. The word "loogie" arose as early as 1970, and appears to be a conjunction of the older slang "lung-er" (meaning an expectoration or a tuberculosis patient) and the word "booger" or "boogie." This practice may have other names in other countries and within the medical community. In the UK, the mass can be referred to as a 'flob', a portmanteau of the phonetic pronunciation of phlegm and 'gob', a slang term for saliva.and very with time.

A "snot rocket" is a slang term referencing the act of holding one nostril while forcefully exhaling through the other mucous filled nostril resulting in a "rocket"-like projection of mucus from the nose and sinuses. This is also known as a "dustman's flick", "air hanky", "shotgun booger", "farmer's blow", "nose gob" or "farmer's hanky" or more offensively as a "guinea hankerchief" and "dutch hanky."

Dried nasal mucus is often removed by nose-picking. The social taboos regarding nasal mucus have also led to a wide variety of slang terms for nasal mucus. These include "snot", or "snotter" (Scottish), for nasal mucus; and "boogers" (U.S.), "boogies" (U.S.), or "bogies" (UK) for dried nasal mucus.

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