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Query of 'methodically'


1. A way of doing something, especially an ordered set of procedures or an orderly system.
Thesaurus: procedure, mode, way, approach, modus operandi, manner, plan, practice, routine, system, technique, style.
2. Good planning; efficient organization.
3. A technique used in a particular activity.
Example: farming methods
Form: methods (often)4. See under method acting.
Form: Method
Form: the method

Derivative: methodical

Efficient and orderly; done in an orderly or systematic way.
Thesaurus: orderly, exact, scrupulous, precise, punctilious, painstaking, meticulous, deliberate, disciplined, systematic, regular, planned, organized; Antonym: irregular, random, disorderly.

Derivative: methodically

Derivative: methodicalness

Idiom: method in one's madness

Reason or good sense underlying what seems an odd or chaotic situation or procedure.

Etymology: 19c: referring to Shakespeare's Hamlet (II ii) ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in it'. &clock; 16c: from French methode or Latin methodus, from Greek methodos.

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