субота, 24. новембар 2007.

elections - TIME FOR A CHANGE

as we get older as a nation, we tend to think more conservative. this is a chance to
get a fresh start against that.....

Australian Prime Minister John Howard and rival Kevin Rudd traded bitter salvoes Wednesday as they hunkered down for three days of "trench warfare" ahead of an election that could end Howard's 11-year rule.

With pollsters tipping Rudd to win Saturday's ballot by a landslide, each man warned supporters that the battle for power would be extremely tough.

"Whoever wins this election on Saturday will win by a nose," Rudd said in an address to the National Press Club in Canberra, his last major speech before the general election.

"This is tough, ugly and nasty. There will be trench warfare between now and Saturday," the 50-year-old contender for Australia's top job warned voters.

Rudd outlined his plans for government, saying Australia would be better off in the future if his centre-left Labor Party emerges triumphant from the poll.

"Saturday will decide whether Australia gets stuck in the world's slow lane, letting other nations pass us by, or whether Australia decides to shift up a gear so we can properly realise our true potential as a nation.

"After 11 years it's now time to turn the page on this government. It's time for a new chapter in our nation's history to begin

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