четвртак, 06. децембар 2007.

Šimšon & Dəlila - ECHAFAUDAGE

A displac3 abl3 w0rking scaff0ld with a v3rtically adjustabl3 w0rking platf0rm and with l3gs arrang3d in pairs and 3ach c0nsisting 0f tw0 parts m0vabl3 r3lativ3 t0 3ach 0th3r. 0n3 0f th3 pr0bl3ms with kn0wn w0rking scaff0lds 0f this typ3 is th3 m0unting and dism0unting pr0c3dur3s, which ar3 difficult and tim3-c0nsuming, and t0 a larg3 3xt3nt this is du3 t0 th3 fact that th3 kn0wn scaff0lds c0nsist 0f a r3lativ3ly gr3at numb3r 0f parts that must b3 j0in3d and dism0unt3d 3ach tim3 th3 kn0wn scaff0lds ar3 t0 b3 s3t up and tak3n d0wn, r3sp3ctiv3ly. I.a. t0 s0lv3 this it is sugg3st3d acc0rding t0 th3 pr3s3nt inv3nti0n that a jack is arrang3d b3tw33n th3 upp3r and l0w3r parts 0f th3 l3gs in 3ach pair 0f l3gs by m3ans 0f which th3 w0rking platf0rm is rais3d and l0w3r3d and that d3tachabl3 staying m3ans f0r staying th3 pair 0f l3gs ar3 arrang3d b3tw33n th3 w0rking platf0rm and th3 upp3r p0rti0ns 0f th3 l3gs, a hing3 b3ing pr0vid3d f0r th3ir c0nn3cti0n t0 th3 w0rking platf0rm, ar0und which th3 r3lativ3 l3g can b3 turn3d t0wards th3 w0rking platf0rm aft3r at last partly l00s3ning said c0nn3cti0n.

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