недеља, 16. децембар 2007.

Intelematics SUNA idea

Connect the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to your Intelematics transmiter and receive traffic incidents automatically over the TMC connection*. Once a route is planned, traffic warnings - including total time of delay and distance to incident - along your route are clearly displayed on the traffic bar on the main navigation screen. Touch the traffic bar and receive detailed information specific to the incident(s) on your route. For example, you can view the cause of incident (accident, construction work, congestion, traffic building, etc.) location, duration, and length of incident.
Intelematics is the partner of choice for Australian automotive companies and portable device manufacturers looking to outsource their telematics programs or considering the launch of real time traffic information services.

Intelematics have extensive experience in all aspects of telematics program delivery and provide customers with a proven, low risk market entry option. Working with customers they are driven to create telematics solutions that strengthen their brand, build sustainable revenue streams and establish a direct marketing relationship that builds long term customer loyalty.

Pioneering traffic services for Australian motorists, Intelematics is well advanced in the deployment of its SUNA Traffic service.

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