субота, 15. децембар 2007.

Vrelo on BBC - Next Big Thing 2007

Ivana (singer): "We gave it all the energy we had for our two minutes and four seconds.

"We were amazed by what the judges said - we were very pleased with how they saw our performance.

"We sent the song on the last day of the competition - and they called the next day to say, 'wow, we like your song'."

Judge Nile Rodgers: "The vibe, the energy was great. A big, chunky guitar sound. And they are fine looking too, which also counts."

Unique style

There was a tie for second place, with 19-year-old UAE singer Jeremie Johnson and Serbian collective Vrelo sharing the spot.

The judges said Johnson had "the potential to go on and be a world star," while Vrelo were "fantastic" and their sound "an assault on the eardrums".

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